Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Bad news first I believe is the tradition…

Bad news – I’ve had to withdraw my application to this year’s Camden Fringe Festival :o(

Good news – The Actors’ Cafe is taking off in a way I could never have imagined :o)

The Actors Cafe

To summarise – Well, there was no way on this earth that with the dayjob that I still need to keep going (grr) that I’d be able to write, rehearse, produce and be in my one woman show to the level that I would want it to be at and progress The Actors’ Cafe. So something had to go.

Looking forward – The one woman show is on the back burner, it’s not a quick project and when I do it I need to be able to commit to it 100%, so it will wait for now. I’m concentrating these next few months on just The Actors’ Cafe and my own acting career. I will do some short films this summer through Made by Imps, so it’s not all bad. It’s mostly very very good :o)