Rebekah Daven Watson, a northern lass; raised on the “a cup of tea will do the trick love ” philosophy of life.

RebekahDavenWatsonSmileRebekah moved down to London to seek her fame and fortune after developing an early passion for performing, which just wouldn’t go away. She learnt by doing, private tuition and a few summer seasons entertaining the great British public wearing a variety of different coloured coats, for organisations such as Butlins, British Holidays and Alton Towers.

After this strong but perhaps slightly old fashioned (she does like all things vintage) way of learning her craft, she set off for the bright city lights of London, continuing her education at LAMDA (London Academy of Dramatic Art); the Actors Centre, and a brief stint in Los Angeles working with Margie Haber and Howard Fine as she built up her CV.

Theatre in Eduction (TIE) brought Rebekah and Paul Dunn together in 2005, when they toured the South East bringing joy and happiness to thousands of children. Some time later over a succulent roast chicken one wet Sunday afternoon, they came up with the crazy idea of writing and producing their own work. To this end a production company would be needed! And taking inspiration from what they saw in front of them, Peas and Sweetcorn Productions was born… nearly….

The next day when they met to discuss the new company further, and decided to immortalise themselves in this historic creation and so “Paul Dunn and Rebekah Watson” spawned their own brand of bizzareness: that which was to be known as Done what, Son? And craziness followed indeed. They specialised in comedy, work included the musical comedy Murder on the Starship Cheaplaugh; and the popular internet farce CSI: London.

Sadly the fun came to an end, there was a huge argument, food was thrown, insults used, and they each decided to pursue solo projects (very rock ‘n’ roll… actually Paul just wanted to go back up North, simple as. Sad times). Paul is now making the North of England laugh on his new radio show – now that’s rock ‘n’ roll!

As the recession increased and the UK film and theatre industry decreased, work for all in London started to dry up, Rebekah formed Made by Imps as she branched out into the world of production, with the main aim of producing work with a strong female element, promoting women in film and in the theatre. To date the work of Made by Imps includes a theatre piece on the Camden Fringe, Permission to Cry, and a theatrical collaboration with Purple Music & Thumb.

Rebekah had to take a break for a few years due to ill health, and as frustrating as this was for her it has inspired a number of projects that go off in a slightly different direction than she would usually be going. Work is ongoing but the pace will pick up later on this years on those.