The Close to Home Show

Composed by Stuart Stevens

An oratorio based on the short story entitled “All About And To A Female Artist” written by Shelagh Delaney. She assembled this prose piece from the mountains of negative, cynical, begging, sometimes threatening, often funny letters and harsh reviews (mostly critical of her gender) that she was bombarded with at just 19 years old following the enormous success of her debut play “A Taste Of Honey”.

Performed by actors, singers and musicians.

Next performance March 6th, 2020. For tickets please visit




Previous projects include:

Permission to Cry by David Compton

David Campton’s beautifully structured, heart-rending play about Julia Gibbon, an up-and-coming junior minister whose life is thrown into turmoil by conflict between private and public morality. Told in a series of dreamlike flashbacks, this is a compassionate, insightful play about love and politics in our hypocritical age. Performed at The Etcetera Theatre as part of the Camden Fringe Festival

CSI: London

A series of short videos, made by myself and the fabulous Paul Dunn.  They’re a CSI: Miami spoof, an homage of a beloved show.

Voyage of the Starship Cheaplaugh

The spoof sci-fi comedy musical written by Paul Dunn and produced by the two of us under the banner of our small production company ‘Done what, Son?’. Performed at the White Bear, Kennington.

Joey Cotter and the Lost Mineral

Co-writen with Paul Dunn, ‘Joey Cotter and the Lost Mineral’ is a fantasy adventure story in which a quiet, sleepy village is suddenly overthrown and occupied by an evil scientist with plans to obtain super powers and take over the world.  A group of young friends undertake a perilous journey in order to find the one man who can defeat this scientist and save their village – and the world – from destruction.